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About us

Jiaozuo Tianyi Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2006.Land occupation covers 22000㎡,with unique intellectual property of polyimide resin (PI) and core technology.Based on this,we have developed a series of composites for resin binder,C Grade insulation material, heat insulation material and SMT antistatic composites.By these advantages, we’ve successfully replaced imported material and grown our business.

Tianyi has three different industry markets: super-hard abrasives, equipment insulation materials, and electronic SMT temperature-resistant materials.Widely used in the fields of high-temperature resistant materials such as military industry, high-speed rail, semiconductor, electronics, and industrial heating equipment.

We have professional engineering technology center and fully automatic manufacturing equipment, complete management structure and a quality management system, and our products comply with the EU ROHS standards. Its customers are located in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and other specific industrial equipment regions. Designated material suppliers for many large international enterprise groups and listed companies, and have independent import and export trade qualifications and maintains long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Taiwan and other countries and regions. Unique in the field of high temperature resistant materials.

●The first division: PI polymer materials: polyimide resin powder/liquid/foam materials in various forms.

●The second division: electronic PCB soldering SMT process high temperature resistant anti-static composite material.


●The third division: industrial heating equipment/mold/hot runner thermal insulation materials and C-level electrical insulation high-temperature composite materials (200℃-400℃).

Tianyi Technology is a professional large-scale manufacturing enterprise of high temperature resistant new materials. It has the core technology and independent intellectual property rights of polyimide (PI) high temperature resistant resin applied to a variety of composite materials, and has the synthesis technology of a variety of structural high temperature resistant materials. It can provide customers with complete technical solutions to achieve one-stop customized services for equipment process temperature stability, power saving and consumption reduction, environmental protection, value-added efficiency and various special needs.